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AHRQ QI Composite Workgroups


Many users of the AHRQ Quality Indicators (AHRQ QI) have expressed interest in the development of one or more composite measures. In response, AHRQ convened a Composite Measure Workgroup for each of the modules to assist in developing a composite measure. AHRQ sought nominations for participants in each of the modules—Prevention Quality Indicators (PQI), Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI), Patient Safety Indicators (PSI), and Pediatric Quality Indicators (PDI)—through an announcement on the AHRQ QI listserv and on the AHRQ QI website. Members were selected to represent individuals from a variety of fields and perspectives (epidemiology, health services research, medicine, performance measurement, etc.).

The intent of the AHRQ QI Composite Measure Project was to develop a general methodology that could be used to monitor hospital performance over time at the national, regional, State, and provider level. To maintain the focus on the methodology, the workgroups did not consider the merits of including individual indicators in the composites.


AHRQ and the workgroups developed six composite measures that serve as useful tools to track hospital performance over time and inform quality improvement efforts. Below is a list of the composites by module:

  • Prevention Quality Indicators (PQI): Two composite measures—Prevention Quality Acute Composite (PQI 91) and Prevention Quality Chronic (PQI 92)
  • Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI): Two composite measures—Mortality for Selected Procedures (IQI 90) and Mortality for Selected Conditions (IQI 91)
  • Pediatric Quality Indicators (PDI): One composite measure—Pediatric Patient Safety for Selected Indicators (PDI 19)
  • Patient Safety Indicators (PSI): One composite measure—Patient Safety for Selected Indicators (PSI 90)

Additional information about the workgroups and the construction of the composite measures is available in the following reports:

We encourage AHRQ QI users to continue to submit comments and suggestions for improvement on the composite measures and the component indicators to the AHRQ QIs support team at QIsupport@ahrq.hhs.gov

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