SAS QI®, Version 5.0

The QI/STAT modules are programs that run in the SAS statistical software package. To use these modules, users must have access to SAS which may be purchased from The SAS Institute.

Most components for running the software are included in the zip file below. The population files are now a separate download and may be used for Area-level indicators. The software documentation describes the procedures for implementing the AHRQ Quality Indicators and highlights features of the analytic approach of particular interest to users. The user must provide a hospital discharge data file in the specified format.

Software Instructions

Prediction Module Software

Version 5.0 (SAS) of the AHRQ QI software continues to require the SAS/STAT statistical software package that must be obtained separately. The software is applicable to both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The Version 5.0 (SAS) QI software no longer includes the Prediction Module which had required a separate installation step.

Quality Indicators Module Software

PQI Module — Updated! PSI Module — Updated!
IQI Module — Updated! PDI Module — Updated!
  • PDI SAS Software (ZIP) - Version 5.0 (5.0.1), April 23, 2015 (SHA1 (v2.5): C4430ABFF01CB9B28ECF34F2EAF798120E57B25C)

The SAS 4.5a version of the QI modules can be found on the Archives page.

ICD-10 Software (SAS QI v4.5 Alpha version)

AHRQ provides free software for organizations to test data that they have converted to ICD-10, to help the organizations identify any impacts that may have occurred due to that data conversion. The Alpha version of the ICD-10 software and accompanying information can be found here (Posted: 3/13/2015) — New!

The SAS 5.0 version is ICD-9 compatible. The SAS 6.0 version will be ICD-10 compatible. For those users who will have 2015 ICD-10 data can use the Alpha version of ICD-10 that was just released by AHRQ.